company history :

Chester “Chet” Sipes (Dad) has over 50 years experience in construction and remodeling. Starting out as a union bricklayer as a teenager, Chester (with his limitless energy) struck out on his own in the 1970's. Under the name Village Remodeling, Chester's brick and block business expanded into home remodeling and renovations. In 2000, Chester’s son, Chad, joined the team and Sipes and Son General Contractors was born.Since then, Chester has focused on passing along his knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to our team. We try to let Chester enjoy a semi-retirement but he still loves to drop by the sites to see how we’re doing.

Chad Sipes (Son) started out working for his dad in the summers as a boy. Chester cut him no slack, fully preparing him to take over the reins someday. Chad cut his teeth as a field carpenter and electrician before narrowing his focus to business management and development. In 2008, Chad's interest in sustainable materials and environmental solutions led him to become the Pittsburgh area's first Green Roof Professional (GRP), as designated by the international organization Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. In addition to his comprehensive knowledge of all things remodeling, Chad became a licensed electrician in 2011.